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The purpose of The Associated Alumni of M. L. King High School of Philadelphia, Pa shall be to assist in the mission of the School and The Philadelphia School District. 

This purpose may be achieved through the promotion of four core initiatives: (1) the gift of time, effort and talent of Association members to the school for various programs benefiting the students and administration of the school, (2) the contribution of funds, individually or collectively by the Association members, for Financial Aid, the Annual Fund and the Scholarship Fund, (3) the contribution of opinion and ideas to the principal, school board and managing Entity on the strategic plans, and (4) the creation of activities, parties, and reunions for camaraderie and reminiscence.


All of these initiatives, of course assume the underlying goal of instilling in alumni a long-term loyalty and dedication to the Children enrolled in Martin Luther King High School, the School and its Programs.


Our Story

The Associated Alumni of Martin Luther King High School serves as a vital link between alumni, the High school and each other. Our vision is to be invested in a lifelong M L King community that is connected to, enriched by and proud of its alumni. M L King High School is committed to its students and, through the Associated Alumni, is also committed to the continued success of all alumni. Indeed, we are all Cougars for Life!

An integral part of the Associated Alumni’s work is its board of directors. The board consists of 15 people: a president, past president, 10 members, and three Young Alumni Leaders. We serve as ambassadors for the Associated Alumni, spreading King High news to alumni around the world. We are advocates for the high school, encouraging all alumni to engage in and support the school. We also are the “eyes and ears” for alumni, actively gathering a broad base of alumni perspectives.

Each board member is committed to “Go, Give, Help”—we go to King events; we give our time, talents and financial resources; and we help King High whenever and wherever possible.

We engage in a great deal of heavy lifting through the work of our committees. Our planning committee helps identify the many ways the Associated Alumni Board can support its mission and the engagement, planning and communication goals the school puts forth each year.

The awards committee oversees the creation and implementation of all Associated Alumni awards such as the Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award, the Alumni Professional Achievement Award, and the Alumni Volunteer Award. These and similar awards are regularly bestowed upon King High alumni who have honored the high school with their achievements.

Finally, our nominations committee is responsible for the nomination process for all new members of the Associated Alumni Board. The committee ensures the board represents the diversity of our global alumni community and the many different aspects of King High. If you are interested in serving, or know someone who might be, please let us know!

Meet The Team

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