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"Loquor Absque Metus"

("I Speak Without Fear")

The King Happenings

Vol. 6
FALL 2023



M L King 2023 

From The President

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 As we work together to get through this time of stagnation, the Associated Alumni of Martin Luther King High is still here. We continue to work in support of the alumni of M L King High and the current students, faculty and staff. 


We are currently working on the renovation of the school Library, assisting with preparations, designing and production of the 2021 yearbook, with M L King High faculty; coordinating efforts to bring after school vocational programs as the ground work to establish additional elective and trade courses for the students.


The overall objective of our initiatives and programs is to rebuild the legacy and change the negative narrative associated with our alma mater, to bring truth to the legacy and what it is that Martin Luther King High School stands for. There is always a dream and 





Thank You     

Khym Lawson


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SEPT. 18, 2022


After the devastation and impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic it was more than just picking up where you left off.

At Martin Luther King High School there was only one group of students who were familiar with the school. The others had been at home or elsewhere learning virtually, never seeing the inside of the building except to pick, repair or return their Chromebooks. Some faculty didn't return either and a very skimpy budget was cut even more. As a result of the aforementioned, there was no such thing as "Extra Curriculum", an after school program, clubs Pep or Step teams, nor non traditional electives, nor shop classes. 

There were deep concerns from the alumni and the community as to what could be done. After putting a few feelers  and proverbial "Branches Out" through the alumni network, The Associated Alumni were able able to add two new after school programs, a King Pottery Club and King Barber Academy "King Cutters".

The Pottery Club got together every Tuesday at 1:45 pm and ended at 4:45. It was attended by on average 10 -15 students. Surprising to Instructor Ms. Robin Turnage "79" the majority of those participating were young men.  Hmmm I wonder if they saw the movie "GHOST". 


Robin said that once started it was hard to get the student to go home, that being reminiscent of her times in M L King with the Late Great Edith Perkins and Evelyn Scott. Great memories and building more. 


The Barber Academy had its start when Ron Murray "95"  and his student(s) were noticed at about every community event that was put on in uptown area (Germantown, Mt Airy, West Oak Lane)  giving FREE Haircuts to our youth. AAMLKHS president Khym Lawson "79"  thought it would be a great Idea to bring the service into the school during alumni events.


After engaging with the students and gaining the trust and respect of the Administration and Staff they decided to present a proposal to the principal for an after school program in the school headed by an alum.. 

Well that after school program brought in 15 - 20 students weekly to learn barbering skills and cosmetology. It is now in its second year and because of its popularity another Alum, Ms. Valentino Howell "96" who also had her own Barber School. was bought in as a partner. 


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Jauary 20, 2020


Fox 29 stopped by our Alma Mater to get to some of meat and potatoes of the day. Alumni president Ms Khym Lomax-Lawson "79" explains exactly what it is that she and The Associated Alumni do to make sure that the Legacy of Dr King is not forgotten. M L King High of Philadelphia Pennsylvania has grated over 10,000 proud cougar alumni and they boost on "Living The Legacy" daily and with every thing they do. Today's purpose at M L King High was to begin redirecting the future of narrative and purpose of the school, to get it back to the comprehensive level of education in which it was built for. To offer more that just college preparation but individual and collective skills to provide more choices for the future of its students. Ms Lawson emphasizes the quote of Dr King that it  is important not only to educate the mind but to build character.  Mrs Tasha Samuels an alumni parent and community partner puts her finger on parental and community involvement and how important it is that everyone work together towards the shared goal, for it is for the betterment of our children and our children's tomorrows.


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By Carlton Hall "81"


Never ever forget where you come from, rather, embrace it and carry it, like a banner declaring your future and a torch lighting your way.

God blessed me, in a special and unexpected way this week. As my company, CHC, started a new important effort on behalf of the city of my birth and we were thrilled and surprised, to launch the effort at my alma mater, Martin Luther King Jr. HS. Where I was reunited with this queen-warrior, Khym Lomax-Lawson, alumni-advocate, protectress and artist, and dear dear friend, whom I've not seen since I delivered the student keynote address when I graduated from King, 40 YEARS AGO! (Much love and respect for this Shero). Tears, screams, laughter, and remarkable memories as she caught me up on the ups, downs, striving and strife she and other champions like Mama Chris, and my dear sister, Ms Fortune, and other alum, who've championed keeping the school's legacy alive in very challenging times. Well they got me and we will be adding our small presence to their large work.

Grateful for my #TeamCHC colleagues Tracy Johnson and Raylette Pickett, for their support.

Feeling proud and grateful. Cougar proud.


Carlton Hall Consulting LLC

Hear what others have to say about alumnus 

"Carlton Hall is one of the most dynamic, engaging professionals that we know Not only does he possess a wealth of information on community building and prevention, he has the ability to inspire people to initiate change".



"Carlton Hall is engaging and passionate in his approach to community change. He has a captivating ability to deliver training and support for change in a way that is doable and very empowering! When I think of Carlton Hall, I think of excellent products and services and lasting relationships!"


Carlton Hall with fellow alum from left to right; Ms Deborah Forune (, Khym Lawson and Kimberly Mathis all of the Class of 1979 and actively volunteering in the school


The CHC team in support and utilizing conference space offered by AAMLKHS


This is one of the more difficult columns to maintain as one of our Kings or Queens have passed onto the The Most Royal.

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