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The Value of A Membership

Do you remember how you felt when you started high school? Alone? Sweating under an enormous backpack? Unable to find your Math classroom?

Now, you are and will always be a graduate of this high school, and your high school is proud of you. That pride goes both ways of course. If it weren’t for your school, you’d have fewer options than you do today. So what’s the best way to show that school pride? Join an alumni organization! Want to stay in the know? Alumni members are always in the loop. 

“Our school like most others need money to support and maintain the institution. “The show of loyalty to their school and alumni association shows the current students the pride of the alumni in what has been done for them and helps the school help others, the alumni association is credited with helping keep generations of “Cougars" in touch.

Incorporated in 2011, The Associated Alumni's purpose is to represent all persons who are and shall be Alumnus, to sponsor consolidated reunions, to establish scholarships, to make gifts and donations to M L KING HIGH SCHOOL, to collect, study and publish history, Career opportunities and networking events, to recognize deserving individuals for their contributions to the school, to advertise and to enter into purposes to further the school and associated alumni.