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King vs Germantown

Alumni Basketball Game

This year under the umbrella of our 50th Year Anniversary, in partnership with Men Who Care of Germantown;

The Associated Alumni of Martin Luther King High School hosted our 8th Annual King vs G-Town Alumni Basketball Game. 

The first game in 2012 and sponsored by both high school alumni associations, yield $1,600 purse donated to M L King High by the alumni alone. After the changes in the P.I.A.A. scheduling and divisions set-up. it was no longer feasible to schedule Thanksgiving rivalry games among the high schools. A tradition highly anticipated the community and former students in the Northwest area of the city. In 2014 Germantown High School's 99th year of existence shut its doors forever. Everyone thought that it was all over. Just like they began the two school merged again to become one under Martin Luther King High School this time.  

Though the doors of Germantown High School are closed forever, their alumni still exist.


Men Who Care of Germantown decided to take lead as co-sponsor along with M L King and Germantown Alumni. Over the years the has grown into a even more spectacular event. Giving the community a holiday favorite to look forward to.  


We thank all who donated, participated, volunteer'd and those who support the event buying tickets, school gear and who purchased from the concession stand.
Thank You!



Clayton Justice "79"       Coach



Clayton Justice "79"       Coach